About Nell's Indonesian Food

Cornelia Braley-Tetelepta (let’s just call her Nell!) was born and raised in Ambon, Eastern Indonesia, the original Spice Island. Nell has been cooking since she was 15  years old, with advice and support from her mother. She is passionate about using quality produce to prepare traditional Indonesian dishes and her own modern fusion cuisine.

"Cooking for me is like painting, where you play with color and imagination until you feel satisfied with the result. Cooking is not a job, it’s a passion. When you become good at it, you need never to worry - the final result will always be special."

Nell settled in Magnetic Island, North Queensland in 1995, and now sources the best fresh ingredients from her local area. The emphasis in Nell's cooking is producing healthy and nutritious food using easy methods that anyone can master. Delicious everyday meals for the whole family can be produced in just 40 minutes using Nells recipies.

Ready, Steady, Go, with Cooking A la Nell !!!

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